About EMSI

EMSI is committed to providing timely and meaningful information that enables our customers to make informed decisions and achieve improved outcomes. We are easy to work with and care about the solutions we provide because we know our customers use our services to protect their interests and sustain their organization.

We’re experienced. EMSI has managed client risk for more than 40 years. Our callers mobilize quickly to coordinate medical evaluations for health plans, paramedical exams for insurance carriers, participant visits for clinical trials and drug-testing collections for employers. Our specialists collect applicant information professionally and accurately.

We’re comprehensive. EMSI offers a wide range of information services. Our health plan clients depend on us for comprehensive Healthy House Calls®, chart retrieval, coding and other risk adjustment services. Many of our insurance clients partner with us for medical record retrieval, paramedical exams and underwriting services. We provide wellness staffing, clinical trial support and drug-testing specimen collections to a variety of organizations. Some clients just want our expertise for a special project. We support you, whatever your need.

We inform. The heart of our business is providing timely, comprehensive information to our clients so they can make informed decisions about their business. With our risk-adjustment services, medical records retrieval, underwriting and mobile specimen collection services, we provide our clients with the information they need to make solid, reliable business decisions.

We improve lives. From identifying care management members who qualify for additional services to helping clients issue the security of a life insurance policy, our services help improve the lives of people every day.

EMSI was founded on an unwavering commitment to customer service, continuous quality improvement and creative service options.



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