eSEARCH Services

EMSI's eSearch provides a detailed, unbiased look at an applicant, so you can make informed underwriting decisions and cut cycle time.

To make the best underwriting decisions, you need accurate, thorough information delivered quickly and efficiently.   EMSI’s eSEARCH services dig deeper and work faster than a standard personal history by scouring a variety of online database resources for applicable, reliable information on a subject. You receive a detailed, unbiased look at an applicant, so you can make informed underwriting decisions and cut cycle time.

Our eSEARCH services leverage our experience, size and expertise to serve most of the top 20 insurance carriers in the country. We’re known for personalized customer service, advanced technology, one-source solutions and flexible options. We work with every client to make sure you receive the best of our resources, delivered on time and on budget.

How It Works
We get the information you need quickly, typically within 24 hours. We provide a wide variety of data necessary for making a good underwriting decision. We compile all of the information into an easy-to-read report which includes: 

  • CheckRx prescription history profiles
  • Criminal tips and leads search
  • County criminal search
  • Credit and identity verification
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Tax return verification

Combine and Customize Our Services
You may choose to combine a traditional EMSI inspection interview with an eSEARCH report. You can also combine a CheckRx report with a personal history questionnaire, thus giving your underwriters a full understanding of an applicant’s condition as well as treatment and compliance with their treatment/drug regimen. We deliver exactly the information you specify, in a way that works best for you.

EMSI integrates its teleunderwriting process by streamlining all requirements. When you request an eSEARCH report, we also can integrate the results of application interviews and CheckRx reports. All of our services work in concert to give you a complete picture in the shortest amount of time possible.

Comprehensive Inspection Services
eSEARCH offers the following additional inspection reports for complete risk assessment:

  • Detailed business beneficiary reports
  • OFAC search
  • Civil suits or judgments
  • Federal tax liens
  • Professional licenses and address verification
  • Average home price by ZIP code
  • U.S. citizenship history