Easy ordering, more powerful management tools

Now with more features, faster response times and easier-to-use tools, you’ll spend less time managing case requirements and more time selling.

  • Better management tools for organizing cases
  • Expanded search functions
  • Color codes to easily identify order status
  • Less data entry
  • More powerful case control

Agents don’t have time for complicated web ordering of underwriting requirements and you don’t have time for cumbersome online management tools. That’s why we’re making both your jobs a whole lot easier.

Better management tools for organizing cases
EMSIOnline automatically organizes cases into Smart Folders based on status milestones and are color coded for easy identification. For example, all cases flagged for action are copied into an “Action Required” folder and cases with results available are copied into their own “Results Available” folder. You can also create your own folders to organize however you want. No more wasting time when you only want to see those cases with similar status.

Expanded search functions
Whether you want to locate cases using only a few options or need more advanced search parameters, EMSIOnline does it all. Search by ordering office, order placer, case number and more. You can also save your own searches to run automatically with a click of a button.

Color codes to easily identify order status
Identify at a glance where each case is in the order process. Green means a case is open, gray means it’s closed, blue means results are available and red means it requires attention. This powerful tool saves time and eliminates the frustration of searching through cases.

Less data entry and faster response
We’ve consolidated screens and streamlined the order process, resulting in less typing, clicking and waiting. When entering an order, all information is on one screen for easy viewing and editing. Two different case views offer fast scanning—“Simple” for a no-nonsense list of cases and “Expanded” for in-depth information with case details. All orders for a case are tied together to easily locate requirements even if an order was added at a later date.

More powerful case control
Easily control case visibility per your specifications. We can also more efficiently adopt your company’s unique hierarchy of offices for ultimate flexibility. For example, if regional managers should see only offices in their area, we can arrange that. And if an employee is covering for a colleague while out of the office, you can easily allow the employee access for temporary coverage.

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