Medical Chart Retrieval

Securing members’ medical records is essential to your successful retrospective review initiatives. EMSI is the undisputed leader in medical record collection with over 35 years of experience and is the largest provider of medical record retrieval services in the industry.
EMSI offers a unique blended centralized and onsite chart collection process that is tailored to your requirements.  Whether records are scanned by providers and sent electronically to a centralized location or we dispatch a team of expert chart specialists onsite to a provider's office to collect all required charts, both options offer complete detailed chart collection to capture diagnoses and treatments for the most accurate HCC coding for retrospective risk adjustment and compliance with HEDIS and RADV requirements.
With our expertise and targeted approach, we manage large record collection projects through our centralized call center while ensuring quality standards and specific timelines. We can handle the details of a full range of requirements, including:

  • Provider verification, including signature and specialty credentials
  • Provider address and contact information
  • Patient’s name and identity
  • Dates of treatment or services
  • Medical record fee reimbursement management
  • Image quality and indexing specifications

We offer you consistent, efficient, affordable chart-retrieval services designed to achieve accurate, appropriate CMS reimbursement.