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Investigative services designed to provide the information needed to improve your business outcomes.

Life and Health

Life and health carriers face complex, sensitive claims decisions. ICS Merrill, the investigative services division of EMSI, provides fact-based information so that you can make the most educated payment decisions possible.

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Property and Casualty

ICS Merrill’s Property and Casualty Investigations dig deeper and go further than other investigative firms, providing the results you need to mitigate your claim.

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Corporate Services

From shoplifting to non-compete violations, no matter how someone tries to steal from your company, ICS Merrill offers the corporate services you need to stop and prevent loss.

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Vendor Management

ICS Merrill, the investigative services division of EMSI, provides one convenient place to find all of your investigative resources, including claims investigations, surveillance, SIU services and continuing education programs.

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Services We Provide

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When someone pads a homeowner’s claim, upcodes a patient’s bill, or files a false Workers' Compensation claim, it costs everyone. Insurance fraud ranks second behind tax evasion as the most prevalent white-collar crime in the United States – costing billions in lost revenue and increasing premiums every year.

Comprehensive and Custom
ICS Merrill, the investigative services division of EMSI, provides claims investigation, Special Investigations Units and international services for all types of insurance claims. We also offer vendor management and corporate services ranging from fraud-abatement programs to employee screening.

We can tailor and scale all of our services to fit your needs – whether you need support on a special investigation or you want to outsource all of your investigative services.

National and Next Door
We combine our national resources with local expertise. Our team of more than 300 investigators averages 15 years of experience, with backgrounds in criminal justice, law enforcement, insurance and the military. They are experienced, credentialed and professional. And, they use every legal tool available to gather facts and deliver the unbiased, objective truth.

At ICS Merrill, every case is a team effort. Our surveillance and claim investigative experts "hit the street." Our research specialists dig for evidence. This coordinated approach allows us to wrap up your case more quickly and efficiently.

Experienced and Ethical
Our investigators work safely and ethically. We respect the law and fulfill all local licensing and other requirements. We also carry insurance on all of our investigators, so you have no worry of liability. You can be sure that we will represent your company professionally and with integrity.

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