Record Retrieval

Fast record retrieval speeds your workflow and saves you money

Saving time and money 

Retrieving medical records in-house takes too much staff time.  That’s why many firms are partnering with us for record retrieval.  We retrieve medical records in just 18 days or less on average and at a lower cost than your in-house staff.  We can save your firm as much as 62% on record retrieval costs – and allow you to turn those costs into a billable expense.

Record Retrieval

Simple ordering, expert retrieval

Our streamlined ordering process helps anyone in your firm order and access records in minutes.  While we search for records, your staff is free to work on more important projects. Our technology platform delivers same day order processing and real-time status for your cases.  We review each record for quality, so every record you receive is legible and accurate. Use us for all of your records or just your toughest cases.