Drug and Alcohol Specimen Collection

Anytime, anywhere: Our drug and alcohol specimen collection services are fast, accurate and convenient. Call toll-free 1-800-421-EMSI (3674) to learn more.

One of the largest economic, social and health-related issues affecting today’s workplace is employee drug and alcohol use. Ramifications of employee substance abuse include decreased productivity, hazardous working conditions, costly errors, job-related accidents and performance problems. In monetary terms, the cost of drug abuse to employers across the nation is approximately $100 billion per year. Because alcohol or drug issues can’t be detected by reviewing a job application or conducting a candidate interview, professional screenings are crucial in terms of making hiring and firing decisions. In addition, routine alcohol and drug screenings help employers promote a healthy, safe and productive workplace for all employees.

From pre-employment, regulated/non-regulated, random/periodic, follow-up and emergency services, our network of more than 160 branch locations and mobile specimen collection services provide clients with complete drug and alcohol screening to fit their needs.

Our highly qualified personnel can perform collection and testing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have an emergency, accident, reasonable cause or reasonable suspicion situation, you can engage our QuickResponse team, a network of specially trained collection professionals who routinely handle emergency cases quickly and professionally. As soon as you call our free hotline 1-800-421-EMSI (3674), we will send a collection professional to the scene immediately.

Because our call center staff undergoes rigorous DOT-compliance training, they are fully cognizant of the need for accuracy, urgency and sensitivity. Our streamlined internal processes eliminate typical delays normally associated with collection services. For example, our clients never have to waste time waiting for a call back or searching for a fixed collection site. One simple phone call to EMSI Health ensures collection, processing and transmission of results quickly and efficiently.

Mobile and Fixed-Site Services
We know that when it comes to testing and collection services, employers and employees alike value speed and convenience. Our proprietary mobile specimen collection services eliminate the hassle associated with finding and traveling to a specific location; we will set up a screening event at an employer’s site, ensuring that the entire process is fast and convenient.

Alternately, employers may choose to send their employees to one of more than 160 branch locations, where we provide fast, comprehensive specimen collection services in a friendly office environment. Unlike a clinic setting that offers full health-related services, our locations are dedicated solely to handling specimen collection. This results in shorter wait times and a lack of exposure to potential illness from other patients.

Anytime, anywhere: Our drug and alcohol specimen collection services are fast, accurate and convenient. Call toll-free 1-800-421-EMSI (3674) or contact us online to learn more.