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EMSI Health maintains a network of medical professionals that perform in-home assessments of specifically identified members enrolled in our clients’ Medicare Advantage or Commercial (Affordable Care Act) health plans. This network consists of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners. We call these in-home visits "Healthy House Calls."

Healthy House Calls help members better understand their health status and provide their doctors with the most updated information on their conditions.  Healthy House Calls can also reach housebound members who don't regularly see a doctor and identify health risks that have previously gone undiagnosed.

The visits also helps our clients reconcile their member enrollment data and health status to ensure compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Health and Human Services (HHS).


EMSI Health’s Healthy House Call:
What to expect

The following video shows what a typical Healthy House Call Visit entails:


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The Healthy House Calls visit
Healthy House Calls occur in members' homes. This visit is not meant to take the place of any existing doctor appointments and is in no way meant to replace the care the member receives through their personal doctors. Our goal is to gather health-related information from members and provide health education along the way to keep members informed, feeling good, and proactively identify health issues. The visit does not involve the prescribing of medication or treatments, but may include preventive screenings for bone density, spirometry, cholesterol testing and more.

The  information from the visit may also be used by the health plan to update the member’s health status and as a component in adjusting risk-assessment payment levels from CMS or HHS. EMSI Health seeks providers to perform these visits in a variety of geographic locations in the continental United States.

The opportunity
Providers in our network operate as their own practice, but with the strength and support behind them of EMSI Health’s industry-leading scheduling and administrative-service support team. They enjoy the benefits of a flexible practice calendar that they set and above-average income earnings.

We are seeking providers to work for EMSI Health conducting these vital Healthy House Calls and helping people obtain the healthcare resources and benefits to which they are entitled.

Benefits of this opportunity include:

  • Flexible travel and work schedule accommodations
  • Managing your own calendar
  • Attractive, above-average compensation
  • Paid travel expenses
  • No on-call hours
  • World-class scheduling and administrative service support
  • Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice Insurance

As an independent medical professional, you will be required to:

  • Complete training programs and be credentialed
  • Conduct the Healthy House Call and complete the evaluation form
  • Briefly answer the member’s health-related questions
  • Return the completed evaluation form to EMSI
  • Participate in quality assurance workshops with peers and program administrators

Qualifications to join the network
We are seeking healthcare professionals with the following qualifications:

  • Physicians who are board-certified or board eligible in cardiology, endocrinology, family practice, internal medicine, nephrology or pulmonology.
  • Nurse Practitioners.

In addition, we require all qualified professionals to complete the following:

  • A background check (criminal check) and provide a copy of their current US medical license
  • A 90-minute online training course and complete a certification exam prior to being eligible to perform work
  • Satisfy all selection, training and credentialing requirements
  • Perform Healthy House Calls within the quality assurance guidelines set by EMSI

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