Member Engagement for Medicare Advantage and the Health Insurance Marketplace

Health Insurance Marketplace Member Engagement

As the industry’s leader in medical record retrieval services, we pride ourselves in our ability to navigate the Medicare Advantage market and the health insurance marketplace to enhance and improve the performance of health plans nationwide. With a tradition of excellence built over more than 40 years of serving thousands of clients, EMSI Health stands out among our competitors through a combination of robust operational platform, experienced staff and proven performance. As our client, you benefit from our scalable capacity, provider relationships and technology to deliver complete medical data quickly and efficiently. Our mission to drive improved outcomes for our clients through the delivery of powerful information guides every transaction and interaction conducted, each and every day.

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)
Our call center specialists help you develop and administer a versatile telephonic health risk assessment (HRA) to your members, complete with drill-down script capability that helps evaluate health status and risk. In addition, our call center staff can encourage members to obtain required screenings and facilitate scheduling with the member’s primary care physician (PCP) through a warm transfer.

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