Brokerage Agencies

As an industry leader in medical information services, EMSI offers full-service solutions for brokerages. From APS retrieval and summaries to application fulfillment services, we bring the experience, systems and expertise needed to expedite the underwriting and claims administration process while offering accurate risk-assessment. As we serve hundreds of brokerages across the nation, we remain committed to our mission of improving outcomes for our clients by providing them with the powerful information they need to make sound business decisions.

Our fast, thorough Attending Physician Statement (APS) retrieval is customized specifically to our brokerage customers. We combine cutting-edge technology with proactive service to bring speed, accuracy and security to your business processes.

Leading-Edge Technology
Our services include the convenience of online ordering and status updates on EMSIOnline – everything from APSs, exams, APS summaries, inspections, motor vehicle reports and CheckRx reports. Our time-saving advantages include our provider database, which contains more than 800,000 medical professionals and 16,000 special authorization forms.

Proactive Service
With an average delivery time of only 12 business days for an APS retrieval, we remain the industry leader in expediency, reliability and convenience. Our customers benefit from regular email updates and a single point of contact for questions, in addition to receiving prompt results via fax, priority mail, or directly to medical facilities and carriers. Our seamless connectivity with agency-management systems allows for an easy and uninterrupted flow of communication