Medical Record Retrieval

Fast, comprehensive, reliable medical information retrieval capabilities.

An industry leader in medical information retrieval, EMSI is known for its comprehensive, convenient and reliable services.  We routinely fulfill more than 160,000 requests each month with an average turnaround time of only 12 days. We can quickly access more than 800,000 providers and have the ability to receive records around the clock.  Our extensive database research services allow us to locate records that are lost or difficult to find.   Due to our thorough knowledge of the healthcare system, we know which authorization forms are required by most hospitals and clinics, as well as providers’ preferred methods for receipt of requests. Most authorization forms are already scanned into our comprehensive database and are available for immediate use.

Whether you’re underwriting a policy or investigating a claim, we know that speed and efficiency play an important role in customer satisfaction.  To this end, we constantly strive to shorten turnaround times by offering electronic delivery and real-time access to your data via our secure site, EMSIOnline.

Every day, hundreds of EMSI clients enjoy the convenience, reliability and quality of our medical information services.

EMSI medical information retrieval services include:

Attending Physician Statement (APS) Retrieval
Claims Retrieval
Data Research Services
Prescription Drug Profiles