Digital Paramedical Exams 

Your One-Source Solution for Quality Paramedical Exams


Speed is key when it comes to paramedical exams. That’s why we schedule exams quickly, get all the information right the first time and do it all with one touch to your applicant.

For fast, accurate exams, EMSI is the answer. Only EMSI offers:

  • Real-time scheduling options so you can book an exam while you’re with your client and choose a time just two business days away
  • Digital end-to-end process that submits the application to underwriting as quickly as possible
  • Mobile exam data capture and document imaging, so exam paperwork is transmitted instantly to the home office
  • Complete and legible applications 100% of the time through our IGO Mobile platform
  • Real-time status on all of your cases through EMSIOnline, our mobile app or SMS texts for key milestones
  • The best examiners based on our proprietary performance ranking, which assigns the most experienced local professionals to your cases.

With over 40 years of experience providing paramedical services, we are dedicated to providing the quality service you and your customers expect. Let us show you what we can do by placing your first order today. Request your account set-up now by emailing us at