Clinical Trial Support

Clinical trials and epidemiology studies are critical components of advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. In order to be successful, these studies require adequate participation levels, compliance with protocols, and high participant retention.

Why EMSI Health

With extensive experience in mobile specimen collection, medical chart retrieval, chart review, data collection and call center service, we are the established leader in study support services. We perform more than three million blood draws and one million urine specimen collections annually and are the largest provider of mobile paramedical services in the country.

Our more than 4,200 formally trained phlebotomists undergo rigorous quality assurance processes including examiner training and re-certification programs, ongoing proficiency programs and an internal auditing system. Our training also includes adherence to National Institutes of Health (NIH) data collection and HIPAA standards.

We staff our call center with medically qualified, professional call center personnel who must complete a series of required training courses before fielding calls and interviewing potential study participants.

Value-Added Services
EMSI Health's services extend beyond facilitating FDA approval of a drug. We also offer services to help clients collect information they need to support successful post-approval efforts. We are positioned to assist with population-based, perspective and retrospective studies and with large-scale registries to gather information critical to project success.

EMSI Health understands that convenience is essential to ensuring the success of clinical trials and epidemiology studies. Our high-quality support services make participating in population-based studies easier than ever before. With our mobile collection services and more than 160 office locations, we can reach more than 15,000 cities across the United States for comprehensive coverage and convenient subject participation opportunities.

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With our comprehensive suite of services, you benefit from superior support that helps recruit and keep participants involved while producing quality, credible data results.
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