Health Improvement Services

Wellness and disease management programs are only valuable if they can identify and retain candidates with serious health issues, like diabetes or hypertension.  We can help you reach those candidates and make their participation easy, convenient and positive.

For both wellness and disease management programs, we provide in-home or onsite health screening visits, call center support and medical chart retrieval services. Using any lab you choose, we’ll private-label our services for your health improvement programs, ensuring the employer stays your customer and participants only see your brand.

Our trained health professionals have expertise in a variety of fields, so we can tailor the staff required for your program and our extensive network of health specialists cover more than 15,000 cities across the U.S. for comprehensive coverage and convenient participation. In-person visits can include medical evaluations, biological specimen and data collection and medical monitoring equipment set-ups.

Our Health Improvement Services include:

  • Call center services for scheduling in-person visits and telephonic medical interviews
  • Remote setup of monitoring devices, including telemetry equipment
  • In-person patient visits and health questionnaires
  • Biological specimen and data collection
  • Medical chart retrieval and review

EMSI Health has the experience and skills to provide convenient, in-person or onsite health improvement support services that can promote better patient medical outcomes.