Onsite Health Screenings

Many companies sponsor health fairs and other related events to help educate employees about healthy lifestyles and to encourage them to take better care of their overall well-being. Empowering employees with health information and the tools can lead to reduced healthcare costs, increased morale, less absenteeism and improved employee retention.

To create a successful health event at your workplace, you need the right people to staff it. EMSI Health offers trained health professionals with expertise in a variety of fields, so we can tailor the staff we provide for your specific event. Whether your event is planned for 100 or 10,000 employees, we can provide an effective team to support your program.

EMSI Health is the industry leader in medical record retrieval. Our national network of medical providers means we can provide quick access to participants’ medical information. This information can reveal potential health issues that may suggest screening.

We offer many important health screening tools to help determine the health status of your employees. Each of the following tests is carefully administered by our health professionals for complete confidentiality, accuracy and safety:

  • Fingerstick cholesterol screening
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
  • Body fat
  • H. Pylori (ulcers)
  • Venipuncture with laboratory screening
  • Biometric measurements

Group and Individual Screenings: an example
EMSI Health provides targeted health screenings for large or small groups or specific employees. Employees at a factory, for example, may be asked to participate in an onsite health event, at which EMSI Health professionals screen 30 individuals. They are asked to draw blood, administer a two-minute fingerstick cholesterol test, take glucose levels (with immediate results) and measure height, weight and blood pressure. For those individuals with elevated levels or possible health issues, our health professionals will provide wellness counseling, including explanation of results, distribution of health information and referral to their physician for further care and treatment.

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