Medical Record Retrieval and Abstraction Services

As the industry leader in medical records retrieval, we fulfill an average of 160,000 requests every month and have access to more than 800,000 health professionals through our proprietary database.  Medical records can be obtained directly from physicians, clinics or hospitals within days.  Our innovative systems and proven processes provide clients with the flexibility to request medical information in a variety of formats, for special situations, or with specific criteria.

Clinical Trial and Research Support

Up and running
Clients who conduct clinical trials or research projects benefit from accurate medical information and access to the widest possible pool of qualified study subjects. Because our medical record services are streamlined for optimal efficiency, we can pre-screen a large group of potential subjects more quickly and get your clinical trial up and running faster.

We also help pre-screen and qualify the best investigators for your study by identifying substantial patient recruitment pools based on your trial's inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Details without delays
Traditional medical record retrieval requires many nurses from varying backgrounds to travel to various medical facilities, tediously sift through patient medical records, manually log findings into a form for each patient and then send the forms to clients for data entry. Our unique centralized medical record services eliminate the need for nurses to travel to each location to painstakingly review medical charts. Using advanced technology, we eliminate the separate step of data entry for our clients by having the medical facility send patient medical records to a central location at EMSI Health where the documents are automatically scanned into a viewable online format. A group of specially trained nurses and certified coding specialists trained in National Institutes of Health (NIH) standards review the records and abstract the pertinent information into an electronic database that compiles the data. When abstractions are finished, clients can either access the documents on our secure website or they can receive the information in a format they specify. The end result is that in addition to saving time and money, our clients receive more consistent and better quality data.

Whether you only need occasional support for your existing staff or want to outsource the entire retrieval and abstraction process, we will design a customized service plan that is tailored to your specifications. We specialize in handling medical record retrieval services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and epidemiology industries. Our flexible technology and superior process ensures that special requests are given priority handling securely and efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about how we support studies and trials from start to finish.