APS Retrieval Services

We excel at delivering APS requests promptly and conveniently.

Getting an applicant’s medical records is a necessary part of issuing or denying a policy. EMSI offers timely medical record retrieval (also known as an Attending Physician Statement) directly from an applicant’s physician, clinic or hospital.

Because we have been providing cost-effective medical information services to clients across the nation for more than 40 years, we excel at delivering APS requests promptly and conveniently. For example, our extensive proprietary medical provider database, which includes more than 800,000 providers, allows us to access information without delay. We can quickly identify the type of authorization forms providers require and how they prefer to receive requests. Most of these forms have already been scanned and stored in our database and are ready for immediate use.


What do our customers say about our APS Services? See for yourself!

  • “Our office has been using EMSI’s APS Services for several years. The staff I work with is amazing! They are very good at communicating and quickly respond to my emails. My personal contacts at EMSI work with me on a daily basis and process our cases quickly which is a huge help to us, especially in June and December.”
    - Amanda, Norfolk, VA
  • “With EMSI’s APS Retrieval Services, I have my own personal support and access to over 18,000 special authorization forms on their 24/7 online ordering and statusing tool, EMSIOnline. This makes my job easier, more efficient and saves time so that policies are processed more quickly.”
    - Shelley, Boston, MA

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