Improve the Applicant’s Experience and Your Bottom Line with IGO App

IGO App is a flexible, end-to-end service that provides a complete and legible life insurance application.  Currently available on our eINFORM Platform, IGO App relies on electronic collection and fulfillment of applicant medical information capabilities, thus increasing the speed of policy issuance.

How It Works
IGO App begins with the electronic placement of an order. The order is received by EMSI’s centralized Application Specialist Team, who contacts the applicant by telephone to complete Part I and Part II forms, along with any other required documents. During the interview, the Application Specialist obtains a HIPAA voice authorization, an electronic signature and schedules the physical exam using our real-time scheduling tool, ScheduleEZ. With IGO App, we secure all application information through one convenient telephone interview, resulting in a total physical exam time of only 20 minutes.

As an additional option, our customers can add reflexive ordering of underwriting requirements or integration of MIB and prescription history data into the telephone interview script to further improve accuracy, timeliness and risk reduction. Whether our customers use our basic IGO App service or a customized version built specifically for them, we keep communication lines open and provide clients with regular updates as appropriate.   

Improve the Applicant’s Experience and Your Bottom Line with IGO App

Below are some of the benefits our clients experience when using IGO App:

  • Faster cycle time
  • Flexible, end-to-end service
  • Reduced applicant touch points
  • Private, recorded applicant telephone interview
  • Complete and legible applications
  • Faster exam scheduling with ScheduleEZ
  • Total exam time reduced to only 20 minutes