IGO Exam

Increase Your Policy Issuance Capabilities with IGO Exam

IGO Exam is a transformational service that shortens processing cycle times, reduces manual errors, creates an audit trail for regulatory compliance and shortens the onsite physical exam to approximately 20 minutes.

How It Works
Currently available on the eINFORM Platform, IGO Exam relies on a single point of contact with the applicant combined with electronic collection of data to create a seamless, quick and efficient experience.  An EMSI application specialist collects the Part II of the insurance application electronically through a telephone interview with an applicant.  While on the telephone, the application specialist obtains a voice signature and schedules the physical exam using EMSI’s national, real-time scheduling tool, ScheduleEZ.  As soon as the interview is completed, the application specialist electronically submits the Part II.

Increase Your Policy Issuance Capabilities with IGO Exam

Below are some of the benefits our clients experience when using IGO Exam services:

  • Faster cycle time
  • Complete and legible applications
  • Private, recorded applicant telephone interview
  • Reduced applicant touch points
  • Faster exam scheduling with ScheduleEZ
  • Less time required by applicant during onsite exam