Life, Health and P&C Carriers

At EMSI, we know that good business decisions are possible only
if you have access to the right information, quickly and easily.

Whether you’re underwriting a new policy or reviewing a claim, you need the most complete picture of an individual’s medical history and status. We know that incomplete or delayed data could result in lost revenues for your company. As one of the industry leaders in medical information services, we offer capabilities built with your needs in mind.

Our services are always prompt, reliable, comprehensive and competitively priced. From point-of-sale to policy approval, our mission is to help you achieve improved outcomes by providing you with the powerful information you need to make sound business decisions.

As the largest attending physician statement (APS) retrieval provider in the industry, we fulfill more than 160,000 requests each month with an average delivery time of 12 business days or less. Our clients nationwide benefit from our comprehensiveness and speed of delivery in each and every case we handle.

For paramedical exams, convenience, speed and flexibility are key to a successful experience. Our exams are scheduled and completed quickly, and are available in-home, at our service locations or a mobile site. Advanced technology such as electronic gathering of medical information sets our IGO exams apart from others in the industry.