Application Fulfillment Services

Tired of forgotten signatures and misplaced forms? No one has time for delays, especially your customers. EMSI application fulfillment services deliver prompt, complete information.

EMSI has served the insurance industry for more than 40 years. We constantly review and refine the application fulfillment process to better serve carriers, brokers, agents and their clients. Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate and eliminate delays that arise as part of the information collection process.

We design customized application fulfillment services to meet your expectations for quality and completeness. Consistent with our mission of providing powerful information to drive improved outcomes for our clients, we will deliver your applications promptly and in good order each and every time.

The eINFORM Platform

The eINFORM Platform is the ultimate in electronic solutions designed for customization. By leveraging the technology and processes available on the platform, our customers can choose from three transformational services including IGO Exam, IGO APP, and IGO Mobile

Depending upon the IGO service you choose, you can have a Part I, Part II or both collected via a telephone interview by our centralized Application Specialist Team or collected electronically by an EMSI examiner with a laptop in the field.  Whichever IGO service you choose, you’ll benefit from a reduction in cycle time, greater applicant satisfaction and a rate of nearly 100% of life insurance applications in good order.

Prompt and Complete Information
We continue to develop time-saving practices to speed up the application process.  Our Point of Sale Interviews get the application process started within minutes of a sale. SmartScript Services, our dynamic interviewing service, allows us to gather all of the application information you need, from the Medical Information Bureau Inc. (MIB) to prescription history data, so you can make a policy decision in just one call.