IGO Mobile

IGO Mobile achieves close to 100% of applications in good order.

IGO Mobile is a streamlined paramedical exam service that relies on the electronic collection and fulfillment of applicant medical information, achieving levels of nearly 100% of applications in good order. By completing the Part II electronically, this process ensures that the correct form is used, a signature is obtained, and the form is complete and legible. Fewer errors and immediate Part II transmission mean faster policy issuance, more satisfied applicants and greater revenue.

How It Works
Currently available on our eINFORM Platform, IGO Mobile service allows for the Part II form of the life insurance application to be electronically collected by an EMSI examiner through the use of a laptop. While an EMSI examiner is performing a paramedical exam, the examiner is able to input the applicant’s information into a secure, online state and carrier-specific Part II form, obtain an electronic signature and submit the form. The Part II is immediately posted on EMSI’s 24/7 online ordering and statusing tool, EMSIOnline. In situations when there is no connectivity, we offer call center back-up options for 100% of electronic exams.

Below are some of the benefits our clients experience when using IGO Mobile:

  • Complete and legible applications
  • Immediate availability of the Part II form
  • Greater applicant satisfaction