Underwriting Solutions From EMSI

Our underwriters accurately risk-assess applicant data so agents can stay focused on sales and serving your customers.

Solid underwriting decisions combine timely, reliable information with experienced professionals who can quickly and accurately assess complex data.

EMSI provides comprehensive underwriting services to insurance carriers, reinsurers and brokerage offices across the country. We can customize an outsourced underwriting solution to meet your needs.

Complete information
EMSI leads the industry in information-retrieval services and data-driven innovations. From fact-based APS summaries and paramedical examinations to background investigations and application fulfillment, no one provides faster, more thorough retrieval services than we do.

Underwriting is our core competency and we are experts at various home-office underwriting processes. Our risk-assessment underwriting professionals leave no question unanswered, no box unchecked. We anticipate and avoid costly delays that may be caused by missing or incomplete information. We bring our underwriting perspective and insight to each of the customers we support.

Custom services
EMSI offers customized outsourced solutions for all of your underwriting needs, whether you require one targeted, stand-alone service or full management of your underwriting process.

Our underwriting services include:

  • Data-driven and coded APS summaries 
  • Informal and QuickQuote reviews
  • Underwriting audits 
  • Full underwriting  processes and resources

Expert underwriters
Our underwriting team consists of more than 150 US-based underwriters who are employees of EMSI. With a range of disciplines including life, reinsurance, long term care, disability and critical illness expertise, our underwriting team has an average of 15 years of experience in home-office underwriting and is fully scalable and capable of supporting all of our customer needs. Our two medical directors are both board-certified in insurance medicine.

Stay focused on sales
We believe the underwriting process is most successful when everyone works in concert. Our information specialists gather complete, timely data; our underwriters accurately risk-assess that data; and your agents stay focused on sales and serving your customers.

As soon as an agent makes a sale, we can begin the underwriting process. Our Point of Sale Interviews can connect your customer with our information specialists within minutes.

We manage the process efficiently and make sure that agents always know the status of each application – either by phone, email or on EMSIOnline, our real-time, secure website.

Accurate information. Solid underwriting decisions. Find out more by contacting us.