Record Retrieval Services


You need medical records, billing records and other sensitive documents — and to build a strong case, you need them quickly. We retrieve more than two million medical records each year. Our technology platform delivers same day order processing, access from anywhere, and real-time status for your cases. Hospitals and clinics have worked with us for decades. We also summarize the records, speeding up your review process.

Over two million records retrieved each year (and growing)

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies. Our specialized knowledge includes the deep medical experience that comes from our unique engagements with health plans, clinical research teams and leading life insurance companies.

From cost burden to billable expense

Discovery and case management can be complex and expensive. Medical record retrieval alone can be costly and time-consuming. EMSI’s simple, proven process removes the burden and makes it possible for any professional to order and access records online. This low expense service can be billed to the client, while freeing staff for other important litigation matters.

The EMSI Advantage

Ensuring cooperation and fast response from facilities is an art. Relationships must be nurtured and requests must be carefully followed up. We take action as soon as records are available. Over 50 copy services nationwide help us speed delivery. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance process checks every page for legibility. Experienced professionals summarize the records and call out the most important information to your case.

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