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It can be a challenge to find an experienced, reliable call center to support your drug trial or epidemiology study. EMSI combines the latest technology with an experienced, medically trained support staff to bring you the most comprehensive participant recruitment, retention, compliance and post marketing follow-up services in the industry.

Recruit subjects quickly
If you’re starting a study or trial, you need to identify the right people quickly. Our expertly trained staff uses reflexive or “smart” questioning software that prompts a series of rapid drilldown questions based on your protocol. Our callers can swiftly identify the most qualified participants while simultaneously providing you with complete tracking, data capture, report generation and status reporting.

Subjects who meet study criteria are then assigned to an investigator for prompt follow up. Qualified participants are then randomized into the study. With a 14,000 or more call capacity, our centralized call center can handle any size recruitment assignment efficiently and professionally.

Keep subjects compliant
Another challenge to running a successful trial is retaining compliant subjects. Protocols can be demanding, complicated and time-consuming, so we provide support services that make participation as easy possible for your subjects. Our call center offers centralized scheduling, appointment reminders and rescheduling services to help ensure participants are on time with required appointments.

We also offer diary completion service and medication reminders to keep participants, as well as administer participant surveys throughout the study to gather feedback.

EMSI also offers you the convenience of scheduling mobile specimen collections and data collection services that allows us to conveniently conduct tests and collect specimens from participants in their homes or workplaces.

Stay in the loop
Throughout the process, you can get up-to-the-minute status reports through EMSIOnline, our secure website. This constant feedback allows you to adjust media placement or modify the search for subjects.

After a trial is complete, we support you with retrospective study services to determine the response to your marketing efforts as well as the overall success of your trial or study. We can survey participants or physicians, no matter how large or small the study.

We support studies and trials from start to finish.
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Fast access to medical records and sophisticated calling software help us recruit the best, most diverse pool of study participants. We support your subjects with centralized scheduling and friendly reminder calls to help them stay compliant with your protocols.

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