Medical Record Retrieval

EMSI is the industry leader in medical records retrieval, averaging 160,000 requests every month. We can obtain medical records directly from the physician, clinic or hospital. Our comprehensive medical provider database lists more than 600,000 health professionals, which allows us to quickly secure the required information. Our innovative systems and proven processes also offer you the flexibility to request medical information in a variety of formats, for special situations, or with specific criteria.

Up and running
What does this mean for your clinical trial or research project? You will receive accurate medical information and access to the widest possible pool of qualified study subjects. Because our medical record services are streamlined for optimal efficiency, we can screen a large group of potential subjects more quickly and get your clinical trial up and running faster.

Details without delays
Traditional medical record retrieval requires many nurses from varying backgrounds to travel to various medical facilities, tediously sift through patient medical records, manually log findings into a form for each patient and then send the forms to clients for data entry. Our unique centralized medical record services eliminate the need for nurses to travel to each location to painstakingly review medical charts. Our seamless, electronic systems also eliminate the separate step of data entry for our clients.

Our medical record services also ensure a robust pool of potential subjects. We help you screen and qualify the best investigators for your study by identifying substantial patient recruitment pools based on your trial's inclusion/exclusion criteria.