Mobile Specimen and Data Collection 

We make it as easy and convenient as possible for your subjects to participate in your trial and successfully meet all study protocols.

We offer nationwide mobile specimen collection services across the country - with an unmatched ability to serve both cities and rural areas. Your participants may choose to have specimens collected at home or at one of our conveniently located branch offices.

As one of the largest providers of specimen and data collection in the nation, EMSI has the network, experience and skills to offer services to meet your specific trial protocols. We customize our services to meet your needs. If a trial protocol requires a blood draw every 24 hours for 12 days, or urine collection every third day for two weeks, we can do that.

We help keep trials on-schedule and on-budget while helping participants comply with complex and sometimes taxing trial requirements. Our specimen collection services can be customized to include blood, urine, saliva and many others, and our exam services include cognitive questionnaires, health history, height and weight and much more.