Call Center and Application Fulfillment Services

Our tele-interviews deliver scale, economy and in-good-order applications.

Place more business at less cost

Our call center services include end-to-end case management and reflexive ordering of medical records, motor vehicle reports and background checks. 

We are integrated with technology platforms including iPipeline, eBix and Applicint. With licensed agents on staff and support for Spanish-speaking applicants, our call center team has put a complete solution to work for insurance carriers for more than 20 years.


Help agents spend more time selling

Tele-underwriting can speed the application process, thanks to streamlined requirements and our expert associates. Basic information gathered by the agent and client kicks off the process. Our trained tele-underwriters take charge with phone interviews that complete the second part of the application. Tele-underwriting is ideal for certain insurance products. Support for multiple languages is available.

Point of Sale

One call does it all

One call to our dedicated, toll-free number and our application specialists or licensed agents walk the applicant through the interview.  We follow your customized application and get all the information you need to make sound underwriting decisions. Our interviews are dynamic, driven by applicant responses and results from integrated, external data sources. EMSI’s point of sale service can help you issue policies faster and improve placement ratios.

Drop Ticket

Faster cycle time, more convenience for your applicant

Your agents complete a short, online information form with the applicant and we take care of the rest.  Our application specialists complete Part I and Part II with a phone interview and schedule the exam. Medical records, motor vehicle reports, Rx histories and more can be automatically ordered. The best part is the simplicity:  agents complete a few short questions and we handle the rest.