INSIGHTsm Medical Records Summary

Each INSIGHTsm medical records summary accelerates underwriter review.

Result: faster underwriting and lower costs.

Improving underwriting efficiency

EMSI’s patent-pending INSIGHTsm summary improves underwriting efficiency. Each INSIGHTsm summary includes a concise narrative and visual display of applicant data essential for underwriting. For further review, INSIGHTsm delivers one-click access to source documents. 

Prepared by experienced life underwriters, each INSIGHTsm summary is backed up by an AI-enabled quality review employing natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR).  

Let us show you the return on investment INSIGHTsm delivers.

Faster underwriting, lower costs

INSIGHTsm is a unique resource for underwriters

Underwriters can save hours by quickly accessing diagnosis codes, measurements, physician notes and more. Graphs illustrate trends and key data points over time. Each INSIGHTsm summary includes hyperlink access to source documents. Our team can share real-world data on the underwriting efficiency INSIGHTsm delivers, and how it compares to other solutions.

Structured Data Abstraction

We deliver structured data when you need it

Looking to power automated underwriting with structured applicant data? Our INSIGHTsm summary can populate key fields, making it possible to import critical data points into automated underwriting systems. Contact our team to find out more.