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Get records in record time from the team that’s integrated with major case management platforms. So records arrive in the right client files. Faster and cheaper than in-house staff.

Record retrieval shouldn't be a burden. Let us handle it!

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Record Retrieval

How easy is it to get status updates on my record requests?

Status is available 24/7 via our case management system, LegalFacts, or through SMS text notifications.

How do I link your medical records to client files?

Medical records are automatically uploaded to LegalFacts and attached to the order or placed in the client case file in the Trialworks and Needles systems.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! Just contact our Finance Department to make a payment. We accept all major credit card types.

Return on Investment

Recent data from our clients indicate as much as 62% savings by using EMSI vs your own staff and you can turn those costs into a billable expense*. We can quickly complete a personalized ROI calculation for your firm as well at no charge.

*Data sourced from feedback from various clients in 2019

How much do your services cost?

Our record requests are $29 per request.

Do you have minimum order requirements?

We have no minimum monthly order requirements. You can use us for all of your requests or just your toughest ones. It’s up to you.