Transportation and Employers

Our onsite, iPad-equipped collectors scan documents and transmit data from the point of collection. We manage random and reasonable suspicion programs and provide hotline support for emergencies and post-accident cases.

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Operations Processes

How do you differentiate your services?

Three words: experience, team and technology. We are a national provider with the largest team of trained collectors under one company, and we have been the leader in DOT-mandated testing since 1995. Our sense of urgency has driven development of a digital workflow that mobilizes our collectors to get the job done.

How do you ensure on time collections?

We have transformed scheduling by reengineering operations and centralizing recruiting, credentialing and training. We assign full-time collectors to our clients’ key locations based on volume, so our team is ready to go.

How do you reduce donor friction?

Our collectors are thoroughly trained through in-person and online instruction. Our digital workflow is designed to deliver a great donor experience.

Technology, Team, Track Record

Do you have local collectors near me?

Yes. We serve clients at 700 DOT-regulated sites across the country. EMSI provides services in every Zip Code.

What technology do you use to manage collections?

We have a next-generation operations platform, a national collector force equipped with iPads, custom workflows, standardized testing equipment and deep experience with Electronic Custody and Control (ECCF) solutions such as FormFox.

Are you experienced with the DOT collections?

Since 1995 EMSI has provided specimen collection and alcohol testing services for federal agencies’ internal drug-free workplace programs, including a significant number for the DOT. EMSI supports programs and completes annual specimen collections and breath alcohol testing for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DOT and FAA employees and applicants, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other departments.